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Karen IRI February 13, 2024 0 Comments

Women In Cooling competition 2024.

Attention all Contractors, Installers, End-Users and Designers!

The International Network for Women in Cooling (INWIC) was established in 2022 to advance the engagement of women, promote career opportunities, and increase their overall participation in the refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pumps (RACHP) sector.

In 2023 a video competition was launched to give women the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the application and design of RACHP systems.  There were 12 submissions, including Ireland’s Ruth Gill of Crystal Air.  The young French technician Léana Khaled Payan, of Axima Refrigeration was named as the eventual winner of the competition.

All 12 participating videos can be found on the YouTube channel here:

The twelve entrants for the Women In Cooling competition 2023




The Women In Cooling competition for 2024 has recently been launched by the AREA organisation.

The challenge to each candidate is to provide a video of no more than 10 minutes showing best practices in installation, servicing, maintenance or design and application of refrigeration systems, air conditioning system or heat pumps.

The video entry should be posted privately on AREA’s Facebook page: or sent by e-mail to info@area-eur.be by midnight on  Sunday 7 April 2024.

Special Irish interest this year:  Because 2024 is the 200th anniversary of Belfast-born William Thompson, Lord Kelvin, the AREA general assembly and dinner will be held in Belfast this year.

The winner will be awarded their prize in person at the AREA dinner in the Titanic Hotel in Belfast on the evening of Thursday 23rd May, 2024.  The winner will have travel, accommodation and dinner expenses covered  and will receive a cheque of € 1,000 from World Refrigeration Day.

For full details see the attached document or go to https://area-eur.be/news/area-women-cooling-video-competition-2nd-edition

Guidelines for entry:

A video should be submitted of the female candidate demonstrating one or both of the following:

  • Design and application of RACHP systems; A day in the life type video

(For example, this could be somebody talking about the work they do: designing of RACHP systems, explaining aspects of the design to show their knowledge, applications of their designs, fault-finding, or analysis of existing systems showing data recording and analysis. The video could show them at their desk (e.g. working on a CAD drawing or discussing how the system works) followed by a few minutes of them on site showing the practical results of their design.)

and / or

  • Handling of a refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump system by carrying out one or more of the operations of Installation, Commissioning, Leak test, Evacuation, Refrigerant Charging, Recovery, Brazing, or Repair of a breakdown
  •  The evaluation criteria for the judging panel are:
  • The correct explanation of the task to be performed (Design, application or handling)
  • The use of the necessary devices and tools (equipment, hardware or software)
  • The use of security means (handling the refrigerant in a safe and environmentally responsible manner)


Please do let the IRI know (info@iri.ie) if you need further information or assistance, or if you know of a potential candidate.