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Attention F-gas stakeholders,

As per our previous correspondence (see below), a new F-gas Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2024/573, came into force on March 11th, 2024. The Commission is now working on implementing regulations which will add detail to key aspects of the text.

Regulation (EU) 2024/573 establishes new certification requirements. The list of equipment covered is extended beyond RACHP to include organic Rankine cycles and refrigerated units in mobile equipment. Requirements are also extended to include alternative refrigerant gases (hydrocarbons, ammonia, CO2). It is necessary to repeal and replace the current Implementing Regulation (Regulation 2015/2067) to update the minimum certification requirements for such equipment and allow mutual recognition of certificates among Member States.

A draft of the implementing act has now been published for public feedback. Any interested party now has until June 10th 2024 to upload their responses in the portal. The draft act and the feedback portal are accessible through the following link:

F-gases – RACHP certification requirements extended to organic Rankine cycles and refrigerated units in mobile equipment (europa.eu)


F-gas team