2nd November 2023: The review of Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 – implications for the RACHP sector in Ireland.

IRI / ASHRAE Joint Technical Seminar – Thursday 2nd November 2023

Date/Time: Thursday 2nd November 2023 (16.00 – 17.00 hrs)

Venue: Clayton Hotel, Fonthill Rd, Liffey Valley, Dublin, D22 X4W6

Register to attend: info@iri.ie

Talk 1

The review of Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 – implications for the RACHP sector in Ireland.

F-gases (Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases) are a family of synthetic chemicals used across several sectors of the economy, including refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. They were originally introduced as substitutes for ozone depleting substances (CFCs and HCFCs). However, they are very potent greenhouse gases so it is critical for our climate ambitions that their emissions to atmosphere be strictly controlled. The first F-gas regulation – Reg (EC) 842/2006 – succeeded in stabilising emissions within the EU. Its successor – Reg (EU) 517/2014 – aimed to cut EU emissions by 67% by 2030 compared to 2014 levels. A new F-gas regulation is due to enter into force in 2024 and it will ensure further emissions reductions and help in achieving the broader climate aim of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by 2050.

Reg (EU) 517/2014 manages F-gas emissions mainly via the quota system and the placing on the market (POM) bans. In addition there are leak checking and training requirements which ensure that equipment containing F-gases are serviced and maintained by skilled personnel. Businesses operating in the RACHP sector must comply with these and all other aspects of the F-gas regulation. The review of the Regulation will introduce additional requirements on business and I will address the main aspects in the presentation

About the Speaker: 

Eoin works as a Technical policy advisor in the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications. His role involves the provision of technical and scientific advice on policy options in the area of climate and air quality.

This covers emissions from home heating, transport and agriculture. It also covers policy regarding F-gases and ozone depleting substances.

He represents Ireland at EU F-gas meetings and at international meetings under the Montreal Protocol.

Talk 2:

Impact on the Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heat Pump Industry of the current changes in the FGas Regualtions.

About the Speaker:

Seamus Kerr, RSL Ireland. Past president IRI, ASHRAE Refrigeration Sub-Committee chair, Board member AREA, 

Seamus Kerr has over 30 years experience in the refrigeration industry, specialising in industrial and large commercial refrigeration systems. Seamus is the Technical Sales Director of RSL Ireland and RSL UK. He is a past president of The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland and is the chair of the refrigeration sector of ASHRAE Ireland. He is a former council member and executive council member of Engineers Ireland. Seamus graduated from UCD, Ireland with an engineering and masters degree. Seamus is the vice chairman of the Sustainable Innovation Working Group in AREA, the European refrigeration industry representative body.