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IRI February 13, 2012 0 Comments

The European Commission has completed a review of the effectiveness of the Fgas Regulations to date. They are now considering a range of policy options. They are likely to propose a revision of the EU’s Fgas policy to step up the effort to reduce Fgas emissions. Following the consultation, an impact assessment will be completed in 2012 when a new proposal for the regulation is likely to be tabled.

The Commission invited all interested parties to participate in a “Consultation on reducing fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions – Further action at EU level”. The stated aim of the consultation is to “collect opinions on the need and possible actions to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fluorinated gases”.

Click here to go directly to the Consultation page on the Commission website. Here you will find a copy of the consultants’ report that preceded the Commission’s Review and a copy of the Commission’s Report on the Review. You will also find instructions on how to participate in the Consultation. You have until Monday 19th December 2011 to respond.

The IRI Council submitted a response to the Consultation on behalf of The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland on Thursday 15th December 2011. You can view a copy of the response here.