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IRI March 23, 2011 0 Comments

Over the years, SEAI, and before it The Irish Energy Centre, have commissioned and published a large amount of research on energy efficiency across many different technologies.

Making this information available to Irish industry has always been a problem so SEAI has recently redeveloped its website to see if they can make the information more accessible.


If you would like to know what advice SEAI has to offer on energy efficient refrigeration, including what they call “quick wins for business”, simply:


Visit the SEAI website at www.seai.ie

Click on “Your Business”

Click on “Quick Wins”

Click on “Quick Wins for Refrigeration”


You can carry out a similar exercise for eighteen other technologies. We would be interested in getting feedback from our members on the “energy efficient refrigeration” information given and we will gladly pass this on to SEAI on your behalf.