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IRI December 14, 2012 0 Comments

In March 2012, we looked at some of the smart phone ‘apps’ that are in use within the RAC profession, focusing in particular on those offering technical solutions for RAC Engineers. Members have since recommended a few more RAC apps but they have also suggested a few other more general apps that come in handy, see below. Again, we offer the caveat that most of the product descriptions given below are provided by the suppliers of these apps so judge for yourself.

Danfoss “KoolApp Compass”

Compass provides a quick and easy way to search the most comprehensive compressor comparison database available on the market. You can search for any compressor regardless of its brand just by typing in a few letters from the product label. Compass will then give you the best matched Danfoss alternative. Because the online software is linked to the Danfoss Product catalogue on the web, you can even get detailed technical information on the suggested Danfoss alternative like datasheets, descriptions & photos. KoolApp is available for iPhone and Android, free of charge.

Mexichem Fluor “KLEA T_2_P”

A convenient and easy to use alternative to the pressure-temperature slide rule, the KLEA®T_2_P app allows you to convert between saturation temperature and pressure in both SI units and IP units for a range of refrigerants including R-134a, R-410A, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C and R-22. Access Mexichem Fluor and your local refrigerant distributor websites from within the app. English, French, German and Spanish language support. Available for iPhone.

Norwegian Weather Service yr.no

Need to know the weather forecast for Skibbereen, Barna, Oola or Ahascragh? yr.no is a joint service by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Search in 8 million weather forecasts for Norway and the world from yr.no, or use GPS to find your nearest location. Contains weather forecasts, textual forecasts, meteograms and extreme weather warnings. Available for Android or iPhone (or just go the website in your browser).

Instacorder Free

Instacorder is a simple, ridiculously helpful utility for the iPhone. When you launch the app for the first time, give it your email address. Next, press and hold the big button. While it’s pushed, say something–when you let go, the audio recording is instantly emailed to you. Or, pick the camera icon, and take a quick picture. When you select to use it, you’ll get it quietly and instantly emailed to you. Perfect for quick reminders when you are out an about. Differs from built in voice memos as you don’t have to click share and add an email address, it all happens automatically. If you are an Evernote fan, you can use your Evernote email address and then categorise the message later. Instacorder is not available for Android but there are equivalents, e.g., One-touch Voice Note. Available for iPhone,

Skitch Free

Skitch annotates your photos, allowing you to draw arrows and shapes. Skitch started as a PC app for sharing screenshots and other images, but has now made the transition over to mobile devices. With Skitch you can use shapes, arrows, sketches, and text annotation to get your point across fast.  Skitch is the perfect tool for highlighting something in a photo, collaborating with coworkers, or brainstorming ideas.

Google Voice Search Free

The latest version of Google Search is now available for iPhone. Any iPhone users frustrated with the time lag and the frequent inability of Siri to understand basic requests will be impressed with the speed and accuracy of Google Voice Search.

What apps do you recommend?