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  • Increased level of Prior Annual Notifications to EPA
IRI December 7, 2010 0 Comments

The EPA has recently published the latest list of “Prior Annual Notifications received and acknowledged by the EPA”.

The collection and transport of waste, returned or recovered ozone depleting substances can only be carried on by a person that meets one of the following requirements:-

  • Has made a Prior Annual Notification to the Environmental Protection Agency, and where that Prior Annual Notification has been acknowledged by the Agency or
  • Holds a valid Waste Collection Permit for the area(s) in which collections are taking place and for the waste types that cover ozone depleting substances.

Waste, returned or recovered refrigerant gases, halons and fluorinated greenhouse gases must be brought to an authorised facility i.e. a facility that has either a licence from the Environmental Protection Agency, or a Waste Facility Permit or Certificate of Registration from the relevant local authority.

The number of companies listed has more than doubled over the last twelve months, from 45 companies in October 2009 to 101 companies in October 2010.

For further details on the EPA’s Prior Annual Notification requirements, see www.ozone.ie