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  • New IOR guidance on working on cold store ceilings
IRI September 29, 2022 0 Comments

The IOR technical committee has published a technical guidance note on working on cold store ceilings. The guidance relates specifically to insulated cold and chill stores that are constructed within a building structure with ceiling panels that are supported by that structure, typically using drop rods suspended from a portal frame or building truss. Many refrigerated warehouses and factories are constructed from composite insulated panels which provide a barrier to heat and moisture gain from the surroundings. Accidents and near misses over many years have shown that the original design may be insufficient to safely carry in-service or maintenance loads and can be seriously compromised by degradation of the insulation material or the support structure.  The purpose of this Guidance Note is to provide a reference for good practice in design of these buildings and their use and maintenance.  The guidance includes sections on design, installation, inspection and maintenance, other safety considerations and general recommendations. It also includes links to useful further information such as the IOR Cold Store Code of Practice, HSE alerts and key legislation and standards.

Free to download here