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IRI December 14, 2012 0 Comments

The British Refrigeration Association has published a new Guide to Flamable Refrigerants (25th October 2012). According to the BRA, “the guide has been prepared because of the increase in the application of flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons, HFOs and flammable HFCs.

It provides impartial information about the flammability issues associated with these refrigerants to end users, specifiers, building owners, manufacturers and contractors. It is an introduction to flammable refrigerants and signposts where more detailed information can be obtained if necessary. This guide applies to the use of flammable refrigerants in new, specially designed systems. Existing systems using non-flammable refrigerants must not be retrofitted to flammable refrigerants. Ammonia (R717) is not included in this Guide. Section 10 shows where there is detailed information about R717″

You can download a copy directly from the BRA website here.