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Karen IRI March 11, 2024 0 Comments


National Engineers week was celebrated last week around the country, here Don Hoban from Crystal Air and IRI Council Member speaks about his experience on his visit to his local school.

National Engineers Week was in full swing, and I had the incredible opportunity to visit Glenasmole NS, my local school, where I shared my passion for engineering with the bright minds of tomorrow – including my own kids!

From discussing the diverse fields of engineering to sharing stories of famous engineers, we delved into what it takes to become an engineer. But the real magic happened when I opened the floor to questions.

The juniors, seniors, and 1st/2nd graders came prepared with a barrage of inquiries, and let me tell you, their curiosity knows no bounds! While I may not have had all the answers (sorry, no insider robot secrets here!), their enthusiasm was contagious.

As part of the experience, we fired up the Cool rig, watching in awe as it transformed letters into icy sculptures. The kids eagerly inspected the frosty results, proving once again that hands-on learning is the coolest way to spark interest in STEM.

I walked away from this experience reminded of the power of children’s questions – they challenge assumptions, ignite curiosity, and inspire us to keep exploring. If you ever have the chance to engage with young minds, seize it! You’ll be amazed by what you learn along the way.

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The “Cool” rig is available from the IRI to members who are doing schools presentations. There’s one in Dublin, and a second should be available in Cork shortly