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IRI June 27, 2011 0 Comments

A quick look at what the IRI Committees are up to and an appeal for members’ suggestions for suitable seminar topics and speakers….updated 27/06/11

IRI Technical Committee requests meeting with EPA over WEEE

Members have voiced concern about a potential widening of the scope of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation. It would appear that the EPA is of the view that the scope of WEEE extends to quite a wide range of RAC plant and equipment.

This has come as a surprise to many in our industry and, through our membership of AREA, we have confirmed that this approach has not been taken by the Competent Authority in any of the other Member States. The IRI’s Technical Committee has requested a meeting with the EPA on the matter—we expect that this will take place in early July 2011.

Committee Chairman, Mike Hannaway


New CPD Framework to be developed by IRI Education & Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee has identified the development of a framework for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a key priority and is committed to rolling out the new framework in early 2012.

The committee has been reviewing a variety of CPD frameworks in place in other professional bodies and has already identified a model that committee members believe will best meet IRI members’ requirements. The model will serve a number of purposes including recording and recognition of CPD activity, promotion of learning, maintenance of professional standards and progression to higher grades of membership.

Committee Chairman, Jim Ffrench


IRI Membership Committee publishes online Member Satisfaction Survey

The Membership Committee recently distributed an online survey to assess members’ current level of satisfaction with the Institute. The intention is to make this an annual survey. Members should have received an email on 21st June 2011 inviting them to participate.

If you haven’t received an email invitation to complete the survey, please contact Colin Huggett, Membership Secretary (contact details in column to the right) to make sure your email contact details are up to date. The survey will provide essential feedback and will be of particular benefit to the Membership Committee as they carry out a review of Membership Benefits in the coming months.

Committee Chairman, Peter McMahon


PR & Events Committee seeks members’ input into seminar schedule

The PR & Events Committee is currently drawing up a programme of IRI seminars for Autumn / Winter 2011. A number of seminar speakers are already confirmed for the Autumn but additional speakers and topics are required. The committee would like to hear from members who might be interested in delivering a seminar or who would like to propose suitable speakers and topics for the year ahead.

The general guidelines for speakers are given below and may be of assistance to anyone considering putting his/her name or a colleague’s name forward.

IRI Seminars : Speakers Guidelines

  1. Seminar topics should have broad appeal for our members.
  2. Seminar topics should be addressed in a non-commercial manner.
  3. Presentations should not deliberately favour one supplier over another.
  4. If specific suppliers are mentioned as part of the presentation, their main competitors should also be mentioned.
  5. Perceptions are important. A seminar should not be perceived by our members to be a sales-pitch for one particular technology or supplier.
  6. If using PowerPoint, each speaker is asked to use a standard IRI PowerPoint background with IRI logo. This is available with a blue background or a white background.
  7. The speaker may use the first slide and the last slide to introduce himself / herself and his/her own company and to give contact details.
  8. Speakers are welcome to bring promotional literature for their company. This can be made available on registration or departure to attendees who wish to obtain such literature.
  9. Speakers are welcome to remain on after the general Q&A to answer company or product specific queries.
  10. Speakers are requested to send a copy of their presentation and supporting handouts (if any) well in advance. They may be asked to make changes where guidelines appear to have been breached.


Committee Chairman, Seamus Kerr


IRI President’s Committee begins planning for Industry Dinner in 2012

The first IRI Industry Dinner took place in February 2009 and was a great success. The IRI President will lead a new Committee charged specifically with planning and promoting an Industry Dinner Event in early 2012.

Committee Chairman, Dave Killalea