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is the representative organisation for the refrigeration industry in Ireland.

Become part of a network of people who are promoting standards in the refrigeration industry and achieving them to the highest level, using best practice and latest technology.

Our Partners

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland

Enjoy a range of membership privileges

Members are entitled to


– receive a membership certificate under the seal of the Institute

– receive an annual membership card

– use the appropriate designation and designatory letters

– ain affiliate status of IOR UK with access to their vast library of technical & practical material

– receive regular email updates on industry news and events

– gain free access to IRI seminars throughout the year

– receive technical bulletins and other publications issued from time to time

– attend the Annual General Meeting and other networking events

– volunteer for membership of the IRI’s Committees and network with fellow professionals

– put themselves forward for election to the IRI Council (full members only)

– exercise voting rights (full members only) at Annual General Meetings and Council Elections

– access members-only resources on the IRI website (document libraries, news archive, member profile, etc.)

– gain access to the IRI’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework

– record and review their CPD online using the IRI’s bespoke online CPD record system (My CPD)

– receive advance notice of all IRI seminars and events

– gain access to slides and/or handouts for all IRI seminars

Have your voice heard

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland is the only representative body established specifically to represent the needs and concerns of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning professionals in Ireland. Have a say in the development of your profession and the environment in which you work by joining a national Institute that has been established with your needs in mind.

Improve your knowledge and skills

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland offers its members the opportunity to take part in a wide range of Continuing Professional Development activities such as seminars and conferences. The topics and content will be determined by the members and will include new technologies, new legislation, personal and professional development.

Gain recognition of your prior experience and training

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland offers members of all grades an opportunity to have their technical, academic and practical achievements recognized and acknowledged. Associate Members, Members and Fellows of the Institute have been designated the letters AMIRI, MIRI and FIRI respectively to signify their membership and grade.

Improve your employment prospects

Whether it is with your current or future employer, your employment prospects will improve if you can demonstrate a commitment to developing your own knowledge and skills as a professional. Membership of a professional body, whatever the grade, says to an employer that you are interested in improving yourself, your profession and your industry.

Keep up-to-date with new technologies, new legislation and new opportunities

In addition to organizing seminars and conferences, the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland publishes newsletters and technical papers for its members. A member’s resource area on the website provides links and downloadable materials to help you keep in touch with developments for your profession.

Gain a better industry insight

By joining the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland, you’ll gain continued insight into the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Whether it is through participating in an Institute event or simply reading the Institute newsletters, you can keep up-to-date with what’s going on in your industry, keep an eye on your competitors, and understand better the needs of your customers.

Network with industry professionals

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland is a great place to network with others in your profession. Even competitors who compete fiercely can enjoy fellowship on the neutral turf of an Institute event. Opportunities include seminars, conferences, committee meetings, general meetings and social events.

Raise the profile of your profession

A common complaint within the profession is that it suffers from a very low profile. You can change that. Join with others to raise the profile of your profession. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Come in from the cold in Europe

For many years, Ireland was one of the only countries in Europe not to have a representative body for refrigeration and air-conditioning professionals. This meant that you have had little or no direct input into European policies and legislation that impact on your working environment. Now the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland is an active member of AREA – the Airconditioning and Refrigeration European Association. Join the IRI today and use it as your route into the decision making process in Europe.