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  • IRI’s Seamus Kerr re elected to AREA board!
IRI May 16, 2022 0 Comments

Congratulations to IRI’s Seamus Kerr who will join the AREA board this year!

🔊New Board for AREA. Long live to AREA!
From right to left
👉Former President “International Affairs” mandate – Marco Buoni, ATF, ITALY
👉Director – Thanos Biris, Hellas Union, GREECE
👉Secretary General – Claire Grossmann
👉Director – Stepan Stojanov, CHKT, CZECH REPUBLIC
👉Director – Espen Rønning, VKE, NORWAY
👉Treasurer – Seamus Kerr, IRI, IRELAND
👉President – Coen van de Sande, NVKL, NETHERLANDS
👉Vice President – Grzegorz Michalski, KFC, POLAND

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