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IRI July 4, 2019 0 Comments

To celebrate the world’s first Refrigeration Day, the IIR has released a new IIR Informatory Note on “The Role of Refrigeration in the Global Economy”.

“Over 15 million people are employed worldwide in the refrigeration sector which consumes about 20% of the overall electricity used worldwide.”

In this Note, the IIR estimates that the total number of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems in operation worldwide is roughly 5 billion, with global annual sales of such equipment amounting to roughly 500 billion USD.

Statistical data presented in this new Informatory Note highlight the importance of the refrigeration sector which is expected to grow further in the coming years because of increasing cooling needs in numerous fields and global warming.

An update of a first version published by the IIR in November 2015, this 38th IIR Informatory Note summarises basic data illustrating size and reach of the refrigeration sector and its importance for mankind. It aims to raise policy makers’ awareness on the growing importance of refrigeration in order to further encourage its development in a sustainable manner, particularly in the least developed countries.

“Refrigeration is of paramount importance for mankind and must become a priority for policy makers.”

This Note was prepared by Jean-Luc Dupont (Head of the Scientific and Technical Information Department) and reviewed by Piotr Domanski (President of the Science and Technology Council), Philippe Lebrun (President of the General Conference) and Felix Ziegler (President of the Executive Committee).

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