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IRI February 16, 2011 0 Comments

F-Gas Registration Ltd (FGR) has launched an information roadshow aimed at bringing RAC end-users fully up-to-speed on the roll out of the F-Gas Company Certification Scheme in Ireland and of their responsibilities under the F-Gas and ODS Regulations. This follows on from a similar exercise aimed at RAC contractors in late 2010.

INFORMATION EVENING with F-Gas Registration, Dept of Environment and EPA

◊ Information on the Roll out of Company Registration for bodies handling Fluorinated Gases.
◊ Understand the implications of the legislation on companies handling fluorinated gases
◊ Understand the requirements for Service and Installation personnel.
◊ Gain the knowledge to advise your clients and customers on their responsibilities under the F-gas legislation
◊ Take the opportunity for a question and answer session with the major stakeholders

◊ Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government is responsible for the implementation of L

Fgas Registration Limited Company Certification Scheme
FGR Information Roadshow

egislation in Ireland
◊ The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the Auditing and Policing of Fluorinated Gases in the State
◊ F-Gas Registration is a not-for-profit, industry body to register companies in the RAC industry

For the full list of dates, see www.refrigerationskillnet.ie

Admission is free, though pre-registration is necessary.

Register by email to howards@refrigerationskillnet.ie or call 01-88 55 200.