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IRI October 8, 2019 0 Comments

Abstract Deadline for IIR International Rankine 2020 Conference –  Heating, Cooling and Power Generation extended.

Due to numerous of requests to extend the deadline, organisers of Rankine 2020 – Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation, have decided to extend the deadline to 16th October. Taking place from 26 to 29 July in Glasgow, this will be the first event of its kind, exploring the synergy between the disciplines of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (RACHP) with a view to generating a flow of ideas between the two fields.

Organisers are looking for abstracts around the following themes:

Cooling and Heating will focus on refrigeration systems with the reverse Rankine cycle. It will explore topics including compressors, heat transfer and exchanger, system/cycle design and optimisation, novel applications and system simulation.

Power generation will explore systems using organic fluids. The conference would especially welcome papers that compare organic Rankine cycle against other power generation applications. Themes will include expanders, heat transfer and exchangers, system/ cycle design and optimisation, novel applications and system simulation. Steam power generation will not be suitable for the programme unless in the context of organic Rankine cycle.

Working Fluids will explore new fluids, fluid blend, environmental impact, performance analysis and comparison. The conference will accept abstracts dealing both natural working fluids and fluorine-based refrigerants.

To find out more about the submission process and the conference, visit www.rankine2020.com