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  • UK Carbon Trust says businesses could cut 20% off refrigeration energy bills
IRI September 1, 2011 0 Comments

A new Carbon Trust guide, launched on 18 July 2011, sets out “easy, no or low cost steps that businesses can take to cut their refrigeration energy bills by up to 20%. “

The guide is clearly targeted at end users but could be a useful resource in helping contractors to educate their customers. The guide points out that refrigeration can consume significant amounts of energy – “typically accounting for up to 50% of energy costs for businesses such as food supermarkets and those involved in meat, poultry and fish processing. For small shops with refrigerated cabinets the proportion could be over 70%.”

Carbon Trust is calling on businesses to cut their energy bills by checking their refrigeration systems and following the simple advice contained in the guide. For example, the guide suggests the following:

Refrigerated display cabinets: Buy high-efficiency cabinets which are listed under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme – these can use 30% less energy than a non-listed cabinet.

Cold rooms: Open doors can cost you £6 per hour for freezers – use an air-tight store with good door management, lighting and defrost control.

Heat recovery: Recovering the heat emitted by refrigeration equipment can help to reduce boiler energy consumption by up to 30% – fit your new refrigeration system with an energy saving ‘desuperheater’.

Chillers: Use a chiller engineered for UK temperatures, with good part-load capacity and efficiency and you could save as much as £25,000 a year for a typical 800kW process chiller.

Richard Rugg, Director of Delivery Services at the Carbon Trust, said:

“Any business seeking to cut its costs should be looking at its energy bills and for many companies refrigeration accounts for a large part of those energy costs. Savings of up to 20% are possible with simple no and low cost steps. If your business uses refrigeration, it’s an opportunity that’s too good to miss.”

According to the Carbon Trust:

By investing £4,700 in a new condenser, Co Antrim Dairy saved £3,200 in annual energy costs meaning that the costs were regained in less than 18 months. When Evron Foods, a cold store operator in Craigavon, reviewed its refrigeration control systems it discovered that upgrading to defrost-on-demand technology would save £15,000 per year .in energy costs and payback would take just one year.

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