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IIR Refrigeration News

Your monthly readers' digest | June 2023

An exicting programme is scheduled for ICR 2023!

The amazing 5-day programme of the upcoming IIR Congress 2023 includes 600 scientific papers, 1 plenary address, 14 keynote speakers, 21 workshops and 3 technical tours. [See]

Energy efficiency, key to achieving net zero emissions

At the 8th IEA World Conference on Energy Efficiency, 45 countries pledged to increase their efforts in energy efficiency, a pillar of the global energy transition towards net zero emissions by 2050. [See]
On the way to COP 28

IIR interviews experts on sustainable refrigeration
Achieving sustainable cold chains in low-to-middle-income countries requires clear government strategy, financial support, close engagement with local communities and users, trainings for efficient use and maintenance, and public-private-partnerships, says Dr Xinfang Wang. [See]

Upcoming events

Become an Ambassador for clean cooling and heating!

Experts and representatives from three projects are arranging a free one-hour training course on clean cooling and heating solutions, open to all ICR participants. [See]
Upcoming conferences: What’s on the IIR’s 2024 conference calendar? Discover a promising choice of events covering cutting-edge refrigeration themes. [See]
ICR2023 workshops: Find out the list of all the workshops of ICR2023. [See]

Cryogenics and gas liquefaction

IIR Cryogenics 2023 conference: perspectives of cryogenic technologies for 2030

Overview of future technological advances in cryogenics: liquid hydrogen electric aircrafts, cryofuels, quantum and nanotechnology applications... [See]
Liquid hydrogen: Recent advances in hydrogen liquefaction and storage. [See]

IIR publications

New IIR Informatory Note on Liquefied Natural Gas

The latest IIR Informatory Note stresses that LNG is expected to play a major role in global energy strategies as it has many advantages and helps mitigate global warming when used instead of coal and oil. [See] [Download]
HFO Conference: The proceedings and the papers of the HFO conference are online! [See the proceedings] [See the papers]
New course on magnetic refrigeration: The IIR has just published a new course entitled “Magnetic refrigeration” on its website, in the “Courses and training” section. [More information]
New in our Encyclopedia: The applications of cryogenic nitrogen in the food and beverage industry are presented in this article. [See]

Air conditioning

State of play of district heating and cooling in Europe

District heating and cooling can represent an interesting opportunity as part of the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector. [See]

HFC alternatives

Top beverage companies moving to phase out HFCs

An update on the efforts of Coca-Cola, Pepsico and Heineken to phase out HFCs from their commercial refrigeration equipment to reduce their carbon footprint. [See]

Past events

IIR takes part in RACHP European Conference

The 20th European RACHP Conference of Centro Studi Galileo was held in Milan at the beginning of June. The IIR presented the women in cooling brochure and held a booth to promote the projects ENOUGH and SophiA. [See]

IIR conferences

20th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas
Vancouver, Canada
July 10-13, 2023

26th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration
Paris, France
August 21-25, 2023


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