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IRI February 4, 2019 0 Comments

Cooling Post: ASHRAE has indicated that its approval of Honeywell’s R466A is not as complete as was intimated in the cooling post report  (Thursday).

A source within ASHRAE confirmed that its SSPC 34 designation and classification standard committee approved the designation for public review in the fall but that the requirements are still in development and could change.

This was confirmed by Paola Hernandez, director of communications at Honeywell Advanced Materials, who hailed this month’s SPCC 34 committee vote supporting the A1 designation as “an important milestone” but confirmed that approval was ongoing.

“With those committee approvals in hand, it now continues through the ASHRAE final committee approval process (which includes full approval by the ASHRAE board), which will take a few months,” she said.

Those close to the approvals process say that the designation decision is still open to appeal and full approval by the ASHRAE standards committee and board of directors will not be given until that process is complete.

Hernandez also sought to correct the assertion that Honeywell would be looking to match the price of R32 with the new refrigerant, stating that Honeywell was seeking to be “competitive on total applied costs”.

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