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  • Sixty-eight percent surge in Fgas Company Certification since July 2011
IRI September 1, 2011 0 Comments

The number of companies with Fgas Company Certification in place as of 31st August 2011 was one-hundred-and-nine. This is a sixty-eight percent increase in two months and reflects the sudden surge of companies seeking to register since the system of interim certification expired and the legislation setting out penalties and fines was introduced in June 2011.

The figure still falls well short of the number of companies in Ireland that should have Company Certification in place. It is always interesting to see how the FGR listing compares with the PAN register. These are the companies whose Prior Annual Notifications have been received and acknowledged by the EPA. As of 30th June 2011, one-hundred-and-twenty-six companies are included on the PAN register.

But a closer look at the respective lists reveals that only sixty-three companies are on both lists. That means that there are forty-six companies with Fgas Company Certification that aren’t on the PAN register. There are sixty-three companies on the PAN register that don’t have Fgas Company Certification. While we wouldn’t expect the lists to be exactly the same, neither would we expect to see such a wide disparity.

That still leaves all the companies operating in the sector who aren’t included on either list. Will the EPA target their inspections towards these companies? Or will they select companies from the published lists? We will find out very soon, as a new series of inspections is already underway.