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  • UK Retailers Support New Retail Refrigeration Code of Conduct
IRI September 1, 2011 0 Comments

Some of the UK’s largest commercial refrigeration users are supporting a new voluntary code of conduct for carbon reduction and energy efficiency. Produced in conjunction with the Carbon Trust, the Code of Conduct for Carbon Reduction in the Retail Refrigeration Sector is designed to reduce global warming emissions from refrigeration systems by 20 per cent over the next five years.

The working party that conceived and produced the Code included representatives from Sainsbury, Asda, Marks & Spencer alongside specialist industry bodies the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) and the British Refrigeration Association (BRA). It is hoped that all UK retailers – large and small – will encourage their refrigeration teams and suppliers to work towards the best practice standards set out in the document.

The Code sets high standards for all aspects of design, installation and operation of refrigeration systems including training, skills, inspection and testing along with containment of refrigerant gases.

The overall strategic aims of the Code are set out for senior managers to convince them of the value in adopting the measures; more practical issues are dealt with in the best practice section for operators, who are focused on day-to-day cost and performance issues; and essential technical standards and specifications are covered in the section for refrigeration engineers.

To read and download the Code of Conduct in full go to:




Source: BRA / IOR / Carbon Trust