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IRI August 26, 2020 0 Comments

Four people have been detained following a raid by Chinese police towards the end of August 2020, on a company suspected of passing off refurbished air conditioning compressors as well-known international brands.

Under guidance from the Baofeng County Public Security Bureau of Henan Province, police officers raided an abandoned farm being used by a household electrical appliance repair company.

The investigation revealed that since May 2018, the company has been buying waste air conditioning compressors from various internet sites.

After being refurbished, the compressors were being branded with a registered trademark of an unnamed ‘famous international brand’ and then offered for sale via an online platform.

Currently the suspects have been detained and the case is under further investigation.

Source: http://www.refrigerationandaircon.co.za/index.php/8-news-events/1148-chinese-police-raid-counterfeit-compressor-operation