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IRI April 6, 2021 0 Comments
This is an important notice for individuals and companies certified by UK bodies to operate with Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (F-Gas)

As a result of Brexit, F-gas training certificates and attestations issued by UK designated certification bodies, such as City and Guilds, are no longer recognised in EU Member States since 11 p.m. on31st December 2020.

In order to address this Brexit implication, a programme was established under Irish legislation which provides for holders of UK certified F-gas certificates and attestations, to obtain a new Irish certificate/attestation from the Environmental Protection Agency. These Irish F-Gas certifications/attestations will be recognised in Ireland and other EU Member States.

This programme has now been extended. This extension allows for:

  • continued recognition of UK personal training certificates/attestations in Ireland until 11 p.m. on 30th June 2021, provided the UK certificates/attestations were issued prior to 11 p.m. on 31st December 2020.
  • the opportunity to apply to the EPA for an Irish personal training certificate or attestation in respect of the same activity awarded by a UK certification body provided that
  • the UK certificate/attestation was issued before 11 p.m. on 31st December 2020; and,
  • applications to the EPA are submitted before 11 p.m. on 30th April 2021. The application process is described below. There is no cost and it does not involve re-training.  

Please be aware that if a person only holds a UK certified F-Gas training certificate or attestation after 30th June 2021, it will be an offence for this person to engage in an act in Ireland which requires certification or attestation under the F-Gas Regulations. To continue to carry out such work within the EU, a new certification from a certification body within the EU-27, such as the Irish certification body QQI, will be required. This may involve undertaking further training and the payment of associated fees.

How to apply for a new Irish F-Gas certificate/attestation from the Environmental Protection Agency

Submit an online application no later than 11 p.m. 30th April 2021 to the EPA as outlined in the steps below. Please note that the applicant (i.e. the UK certificate holder) must supply their personal contact details, including their personal email address, and personally complete the declaration in order for the application to be deemed valid. In other words, the application cannot be completed by another person on behalf of the applicant.

1.Select the correct application link below that matches your current UK certificate/attestation. There are five links, one for each of the following types of training certificate/attestation:

  • RACHPT&T = Stationary Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Equipment, & Refrigeration Units of Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers.
  • Fire Protection = Stationary Fire Protection Systems & Fire Extinguishers.
  • MAC = Training attestation for Mobile Air Conditioning (Motor vehicles with no more than 8 seats in addition to the driver seat & Mini buses/vans up to 3,5 tonnes max weight).
  • Electrical Switchgear = Electrical Switchgear.
  • Recovery of Solvents = Recovery of Solvents from equipment (UK Certification Body: Fraser Cleaning Technologies Ltd – Training Completion Certificate).

2. The chosen link will bring you to an online application which you must complete.
3. You will be required to upload a copy of your UK certification/attestation in PDF format as part of your application. If you have mislaid your UK certificate, please contact your course provider or the UK certifying body as a matter of urgency as you will not be able to apply for a replacement Irish certificate without submitting your UK certificate.
4. You must make a declaration as to the authenticity of the information you are about to submit.
5. At the end of the on-line application form you will find your EPA application acknowledgement receipt, you will need to print this for your compliance record.
6. The EPA will assess your application in accordance with its procedures

  • If your application is valid, you will be emailed Irish training certificate/attestation with equivalent qualifications to your current UK one. Please note that these EPA F-Gas certificates and attestations have no expiry date and do not need to be renewed.
  • Incomplete applications or applications containing false or misleading information or applications received after 11 p.m. on 30th April 2021will be invalid.

7. The EPA will maintain a register of issued training certificate/attestations.
8. The EPA reserves the right to suspend or withdraw certificates at any point in the future including where false or misleading information is found to have been provided in any way under this process.

If you have any queries during the application process, please send them to RecertificationFGas@epa.ie

External linkRACHPT&T LinkExternal linkFire Protection LinkExternal linkMAC Link


External linkElectrical Switchgear LinkExternal linkRecovery of Solvents Link



As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic there may be a delay in processing applications. Nonetheless, contractors should not delay in making applications and should continue to submit them as normal.  We apologise for any delay encountered. We anticipate that all valid applications will be processed well in advance of the 30th June 2021 deadline.

Note on F-Gas Company Certification

As a result of this Brexit process, F-Gas company certifications issued by UK designated certification bodies such as Refcom, Quidos and External linkBureau Veritas UK Ltd are no longer recognised in EU Member States since 11 p.m. on 31st December 2020. Thus, companies may no longer operate under such certificates in the European Union (including Ireland). In other words, only F-Gas company certification issued by a certification body in an EU Member State can be recognized in the European Union. Please note that the designated company certification body in Ireland is F-Gas Registration Ltd. and company certificate applications can be submitted to it atExternal linkhttp://www.fgasregistration.ie.

Additional Information

Download our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information. 

Additional information on the BREXIT implications for ODS and F-Gas can be found at https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/7b14b-brexit-readiness-notice-on-fluorinated-greenhouse-gases/

Source: http://epa.ie/air/airenforcement/ozone/training/brexitodsfgas/