AREA launches second Women in Cooling Video Competition

Competition organisers hope to expand on their inaugural competition with a larger number of entries, especially from countries previously unrepresented such as the UK and Germany

Trade body AREA and the World Refrigeration Day (WRD) are partnering once more on a video competition for female RACHP specialists demonstrating best practice in the industry.

second Women in Cooling Video Competition has now been launched with organisers hoping to see even more individuals working across the sector and from a wider number of European countries entering for 2024.

The deadline to enter is open until midnight on Sunday 7 April next year. Judges will be looking for videos that can display how female specialists are ensuring the effective design and application of RACHP principles.

Interested parties are asked to submit their videos by either posting them privately on AREA’s Facebook page here, or by e-mailing them directly to

The first competition that was judged earlier this year saw 12 different videos being shortlisted based around the theme of ‘next generation cooling’ and detailing the work of women across the sector.

Léana Khaled Payan, a technician from France working for Axima Refrigeration, was unveiled as the winner of this year’s competition.  She was honoured at the 20th Milan Centro Galileo European Conference held in June.

Videos can be submitted in any language from EU member states and must be no more then ten minutes in length.

Marco Buoni, a former president of AREA who now leads the organisation’s mandate on international affairs, said the competition’s organisers hoped to see even more women from across Europe entering the competition this year.

The competition winner is expected to be unveiled at AREA’s 2023 General Assembly that will be held in Belfast on 24 May.  Mr Buoni said that the hoped to therefore see some entries this year from the UK.  No entries were received from either the UK or Germany last year, with AREA looking for a greater number of entries from individuals from a range of backgrounds and countries.

Among some of the possible themes for videos can be demonstrations of a typical day for a RACHP specialists working in the sector or explaining the design or specific aspects when operating systems effectively. Judges will also be looking for engaging videos showing work such as fault finding or analysis within systems.  Entrants can also submit a demonstration of work such as displaying their approaches to CAD drawing and how this relates to the final operation of RACHP technologies.

Entrants are required also to be registered with a national association within AREA or a company represented by the group.

More information can be found here.