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IRI June 23, 2011 0 Comments

The minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting are given below:

Date: Thursday 28th April 2011

Time: 17:30

Location: Sheldon Park Hotel, Dublin

Quorum: Yes


Seamus Kerr, Past President, opened the meeting and outlined the agenda for the Annual General Meeting.


1. Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were approved.


2. Statement of accounts: A summary of income and expenditure for the year showed that the IRI’s finances are in a healthy position with a small surplus in 2010 contributing to the Institute’s reserves.


3. President’s statement: Dave Killalea, IRI President, thanked everyone for attending the Annual General Meeting and for continuing their support of the Institute in 2010/2011. He reminded members of the objectives of the IRI at its commencement in 2004, and focused in particular on our success in (a) establishing the Institute as the authoritative voice of the refrigeration and air conditioning profession in Ireland; (b) providing members with continuing learning opportunities; and (c) raising the profile of our industry.


Looking at the hard work and effort put in over the last eight years, the President said that while significant progress has been made towards achieving our objectives, the Institute is still a young organisation with limited resources and a lot of work remains to be done. Reflecting on the achievements of the last twelve to fifteen months, he said two major projects stood out.


Firstly, the IRI made a huge contribution towards the development and promotion of the “Refrigeration and Cooling” category under SEAI’s Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme. Secondly, the Institute played a leading role in the creation of the new Fgas Company Certification Scheme – Fgas Registration Limited (FGR).


Both of these projects were enormous undertakings and were advanced through the hard work and voluntary efforts of the Institute’s members, especially those involved directly on the committees and working groups in question.


Outside of the two main projects, the work of the Institute continued, including the complete redevelopment of the IRI website, the publication of quarterly newsletters, active involvement in AREA, and the organisation and promotion of IRI seminars in association with Skillnet.


The target in 2011 is to keep up the good work, building on previous achievements, continuing to raise the profile of our industry, and ensuring that RAC professionals realize tangible benefits through their membership of the IRI.


Concluding his statement, the President once again thanked all of the people who got involved this year and in the past, either from council, committee or working group, in order to get the work done.


4. Elections: The outgoing council was comprised of the following members: Dave Killalea, Seamus Kerr, Joe Brennan, Domnick Ward, Derek Byrne, Mike Hannaway, Colin Huggett, Peter McMahon and Jim Weldon. Enda Hogan & George Condell resigned from the Council in 2010. Jim Weldon was co-opted onto Council in 2010.


Domnick Ward and Joe Brennan both offered their resignation from Council in advance of the AGM. All other members of the Council offered to stay on. Nominations received for election to Council were as follows: Jim Ffrench, Vincent Barrett and George McCann. All three nominations were seconded and they were duly elected.


Acknowledgements: The President and Past President, referring to the resignations this year of Domnick Ward and Joe Brennan, thanked them for their great efforts during their period on council.


Domnick Ward was a member of the Steering Group that launched the Institute in November 2004 and he remained on as a member of the IRI Council, serving for a total of six-and-a-half years. He served on the Membership Committee and later the Legal and Finance Committee, taking on the role of Company Secretary in recent years. He was hugely involved in the formation of FGR and committed very significant time and energy to the project.


Joe Brennan served on the IRI Council from 2006 to 2011. When the Steering Group handed over to the first IRI Council in January 2006, Joe Brennan was elected as the first IRI President, taking over from the Chairman of the Steering Group, Seamus Kerr. He stayed on the Council after his term of office ended, supporting the work of incoming Presidents and chairing the Legal and Finance Committee.


5. AOB: There being no other business, the meeting concluded.