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  • SEAI publishes first list of eligible refrigeration and cooling products under the ACA Scheme
IRI December 8, 2010 0 Comments

Minister Eamonn Ryan has had a busy time of it of late but thankfully he found the time to sign the Statutory Instrument required to allow for the publication of the first list of eligible refrigeration and cooling equipment products under the ACA Scheme. But many product suppliers are unhappy with delays in having their products listed and complain of poor communication from SEAI.

Products included in the ACA scheme qualify for a capital allowance of 100% in the first year in which the expenditure is incurred. The products included in the first list fall within four technology categories:

  • Refrigeration & Cooling Systems
  • Compressors & Condensing Units
  • Refrigerated Display Cabinet Equipment
  • Condensers

The eligible products are automatically listed on SEAI’s “Triple E Products Register”. According to SEAI,

“The Triple E Products Register is a new benchmark register of best in class energy efficient products. Products on this register all meet a minimum set of stringent efficiency criteria and typically will be of a best in class efficiency standard. As such, procuring against this register will provide you with the assurance that you are purchasing a product of very high efficiency. Currently the Triple E register is based solely on the existing Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) list of eligible products and eligibility criteria but it is planned in the future to extend the product range beyond that covered by the ACA.”

The IRI has welcomed the publication of the first list but has contacted SEAI to raise concerns about the progress of the scheme. Several IRI members have voiced their frustration at the process involved in having products listed and have complained of poor communication from SEAI.

Specifically, members complain that having invested huge resources into compiling the necessary documentation, they encountered serious technical issues uploading the documentation to the SEAI website. SEAI resolved the issues in the end and suppliers submitted their documentation, only to find that when the first list was published, their products weren’t included. They only found this out by visiting the website.

SEAI hope to have the list updated again in late December / early January and say that this will allow for the addition of more products that didn’t make the initial product list. Further eligible products can then be added to the list on a quarterly basis, assuming that the scheme remains in place.

You can find details of the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme on the SEAI website at www.seai.ie/Your_Business