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IRI March 21, 2011 0 Comments

It was reported in the last IRI newsletter that while there was a broad welcome for the publication of the first list of eligible refrigeration and cooling equipment products under the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Scheme, many product suppliers were unhappy with delays in having their products listed.

The good news is that SEAI plan to publish a second list before the end of Q1 2011. Hopefully, suppliers whose products were omitted from the last list due to technical issues with the SEAI website will see their products listed this time around.

The bad news is that the publication of the list is dependent on Ministerial sign-off. Given that we don’t know who that Minister is going to be and that he/she will only just have taken office, don’t be too surprised if it takes a bit longer.




In related news, we understand that SEAI are eager to have the ACA scheme extended to include additional technologies later in 2011.


It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s possible that heat pumps could be amongst the new technologies included. We will be endeavouring to make certain that they are.


You can find details of the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme on the SEAI website at www.seai.ie/Your_Business