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The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland (IRI) is a professional membership body that represents refrigeration and air-conditioning professionals in Ireland.

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The overall aims of the Institute

To promote the general advancement of refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

To pursue excellence in the provision of refrigeration products and services for the community.

To provide members with continuing learning opportunities and a means of exchanging ideas.

To provide members with networking opportunities.

To establish and maintain standards of education, training and conduct.

To ensure that the titles for members of the Institute of Refrigeration of Ireland are given to suitably qualified candidates

To speak as the authoritative voice of the refrigeration and air conditioning profession in Ireland

The IRI pursues these aims by working in partnership with other key stakeholders in our industry, including government departments, state agencies and other professional bodies.

About Us

IRI Council

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation. It has been established in Ireland as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee – The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland CLG – Company Reg. No 388240.

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland is managed by a voluntary council elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. New council members can be co-opted onto the Council by existing members if vacancies arise. The IRI President is elected by the Council on behalf of the wider membership. The Council meets approximately once a month and sub committees are generated to deal with issues like Membership, PR, Legal & Finance, etc.
The Institute is always in need of assistance for various tasks so if you feel you would like to help please do not hesitate to contact info@iri.ie to find out how.

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